I founded DOL Coaching with a desire to continue my service to others after decades of service in the federal government, military service, and civilian employment. I’m a Special Forces combat veteran (18C MOS), former civil servant, and executive with roles across many industries (from Wall Street to internet startups to consulting). People who know me will tell you I’m passionate about helping those around me grow and prosper. I want to help people become the best version of themselves possible. People will also tell you I’m loyal and have no do what I tell you I’ll do. I’ve proven through my service I’m dedicated to freeing people and companies from that which Oppresses them. This Oppression can come in many forms: poor work processes, lack of team synergy or commitment to a shared vision, stagnation of growth, reliance on debt, and more.

In my most recent role before DOL Coach, I was fortunate to serve as the Chief Operating Officer within the Institute of Project Management (https://insitute.pm). There I oversaw global business development efforts and built partnerships between the Institute and many charitable organizations worldwide. DOL Coach has become the only Platinum Educational Partner of the Institute in the northern hemisphere from the fruits of these labors. I’m a Certified Project Trainer (CPT) and Certified Project Director (CPD). I also hold a Graduate Diploma in Portfolio Management and a Diploma in Project Management in addition to other industry certifications in Project Management, and I have a BS in Finance.

In addition to project management training and certifications, I’m also a certified Ramsey Solutions Master Coach and have helped hundreds of people achieve financial success through my coaching and guidance. My guidance is relevant for all, regardless of the level of income. I really love helping people get control of their money and take charge of their financial destiny.

I spend many hours a week volunteering and serve in various capacities to help military veterans transition into new careers. I’m exceptionally proud to serve as an Ambassador for the Green Beret Foundation (https://greenberetfoundation.org/) and have done so for over 3 years. I’ve been a guest host on several podcasts, and a personal highlight for me is having been on the nationally syndicated Bob and Sheri radio show several times.

I’d love to connect with you.