DOL Coach Corporate Offerings

Now, more than ever, it is imperative to protect your organizational resources: your time, money, and PEOPLE.  

Our corporate offerings are designed to do just that: allow you to accomplish organizationally all you desire while also maintaining a happy and productive workforce.

Advanced Organizational Training (AOT)

Custom. Advanced. Boutique. Relevant.

Flat fee of $2,250 per person. No extra fees and no-nonsense.

AOT will transform your organization and get your people in sync, working toward a common and shared goal.  3 days, highly engaging and focused on creating resources and tools you can use throughout the organization.

Organizational RPM


Flat fee of $7,500 (early bird offer good through 1 October)  for up to 200 people.

No more messing around.  Get your organization the training they need and deserve.  The RPM course is delivered through video-on-demand and includes industry-accredited Certified Project Officer (CPO) Certification for all who complete it.