At DOL Coach, we care about arming the next generation with the knowledge and tools to be successful.

Why?  We are parents, teachers, and coaches and we’ve all known the stress of preparing to enter the “real world” after school.

Our project management offering for high schoolers is designed to help students with their projects: term papers, job searches, applying for college…these are all projects and most students aren’t equipped to manage them.  We are here to help.  Sign up today for this video-on-demand learning series.  It’s a simple set of 12 sessions and a few bonus videos to get you up to speed on how to ideate, plan, execute and close a project effectively.

In addition to acquiring new skills, you will also earn a Certified Project Officer certification, good for life.  This will tell prospective employers that you already know how to work on projects.  Get a leg up on the competition and get started today!

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