Thank you for registering for your Project Management Assessment and Certification (PMAC).  

After much demand, we thought we’d share some “pro tips” for getting ready for your Assessment.

1: PM Terminology.  Although the PMAC isn’t an exam, our Certified Project Trainers (CPTs) rightfully expect you to have a fair and proficient knowledge of Project Management Terminology.

If you’d like a refresher on terminology or would like to revisit specific topics, you can do so through the free RPM seat given to you get when purchasing your PMAC.  The code to redeem your free RPM seat will come to you in a follow-up email in which you are also introduced to your Assessor.

RPM is our comprehensive self-paced video-on-demand certification course you can watch from anywhere and on any device.

2: Skills. As this is a skills demonstration, it would behoove you to think through your experiences and be prepared to talk to them and the projects you’ve led and been on.

3: A chance to talk about YOU.  View the Assessment as an interview in which you are discussing the roles and responsibilities you’ve held.

4: Talk at the correct level.  Be able to talk to leadership roles and to other organization efforts of which you’ve been a part.  If you are going for certification as a Certified Project Director (CPD) you need to be ready to show experience at the executive or program level.  The PMAC is far less about theory than in ensuring you have the skills to take to industry requisite with the certification level you are awarded.

5: Relax. Our Trainers are professionals and aren’t working against you.

Once again, if you have any questions or concerns prior to your Assessment, you can email us at or address them with the Certified Project Trainer assigned to do your Assessment.

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All there for you.  Don’t miss out.