“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

Companies and entrepreneurial efforts of all sizes fail to innovate and stay competitive in these unique times.

As a result, they are making less money and fearing hard times ahead.

It’s time to learn to innovate effectively and take your ideas from living in your head to being something you can skillfully execute.

The Innovation Workshop is your solution.

Over 3 sessions and 6 hours, you will be shown how to innovate.  You’ll be given the tools to recognize your areas of strength and tools to scale your innovation to your desired level.

Session 1: 

Learn to solidly identify the problem you are looking to solve.  You’ll learn your areas of genius and how to apply them to the innovation arena through an included WIDGET certification by the Table Group.

Session 2:

Learn to identify the change efforts you face and how to best communicate these changes to your team.

Session 3:

During the final session, you will be given the tools and knowledge of how to best execute your vision.  You’ll also receive a free copy of the FM 18-1 Scott Field Manual: Achieving your vision. A Green Beret’s Guide To Goals and Visions.

All of this for only $49.

Coming 1 November

Price: $300.00